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March 28, 2022


Fatima for Beginners

Did Pope Francis Just Mitigate or End the War in Ukraine with a Consecration?

In Saint Peter’s, Pope Francis has led many of the planet’s one billion Catholics “in a consecration of Russia, Ukraine, and humanity.” Broadcast live on Friday March 25 from the Vatican, the ceremony was a global prayer for peace in Ukraine

Photo: Lucy Dos Santos, Francisco and Jacinta Marto /Wiki Commons

The Consecration

According to the Catholic Church, the Mother of God, Mary, called on the Pope to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. 

The Vatican claims the call for the consecration came when Mary appeared to three poor children at Fatima, Portugal in 1917. They began on May 13 and ended on October 13. Today, Pope Francis adds, her warnings have a new urgency.

“We need to reject war, a place of death where fathers and mothers bury their children, where men kill their brothers and sisters without even having seen them, where the powerful decide and the poor die,” he said.

At Fatima, Mary told Lucia Dos Santos, Francisco Marto, and Jacinta Marto, that humankind must pray fervently and turn from evil, using the tools of penance and sacrifice to do so. 

Pope Francis Consecrating Russia and Ukraine, March 25, 2022 : Source: Youtube

The Warning 

The Queen of Heaven added our failure to do so would result in unparalleled planetary suffering, especially from devastating wars. The Vatican has investigated the apparitions and approved them and their content as genuine. The message of Fatima has been comforting the afflicted and afflicting the powerful for over a century. What follows is a short primer on Fatima’s instructions and prophecies. 

 Fatima’s Backstory 

1917 was year three of the industrial slaughter that saw the trenches of World War One overflow with blood – the lifeblood of a generation, the flower of Europe. Take the month-long battle of Arras, for example. It ended just days after Fatima’s first revelation on May 16, 1917. Within weeks, 256,000 British and German men, locked in hellacious combat, lost their lives on the battlefield of Arras.

The Battle of Arras took a greater daily death toll than any other battle fought by the British Empire in the First World War.

All together, the First World War saw 40 million civilians and soldiers killed. The “War to End All Wars” was nothing of the sort. It laid the foundations for an even greater calamity just two decades later. 

The Second World War claimed 56 million lives. The Nuclear Terror of the Cold War was its malformed progeny. 

After the relative respites of the Cold War and the Collapse of Euro Communism, Ukraine has again become the fulcrum for Europe’s Death Wish.

But this iteration threatens us with a new global conflagration that makes its predecessor pale in comparison. If the Ukrainian President is to be believed, World War Three may already have started.

Harvey Will Fill You In 

A number of popular movies have wrestled with the unsettling messages and prophecies of Fatima. Mary’s apparition immediately became highly charged during the war years in Portugal, and continues to be so to this day. Harvey Keitel will take that up after a few more basics.

Harvey Keitel in “Fatima” 2020 Source: Official Trailer/ Youtube

So who is Mary? She is known as the “Queen of Heaven.” 

Mary lived during the Second Temple Era in Judea under the Roman Occupation. The Church teaches God chose the Jewish teenager to bear His Son in human form. When She accepted this role, She became the Co-Redemptrix of the Universe, second only to the Holy Trinity. Also a Mediatrix, Mary mediates between heaven and earth, hence her many earthly visitations.

In Portugal, she spoke with three shepherd children.  

She told them our planet must unite in prayer and sacrifice. Global supplication, she promised, would move the people of Russia and Ukraine to love instead of hatred. Forgiveness will replace vengeance. Hope will replace despair. And not just among the combatant nations. For all of us.

Prayer, so the heavenly instructions go, coupled with fasting and penance, can change the human heart. The courage of love replaces fear. When that occurs, a nation moves to a Reign of Peace and submits itself to God’s law, not man’s. Eventually, all countries follow. The result is world peace.

For those interested in Piercing the Veil, Harvey Keitel does an excellent job of bringing new audiences closer to the mystical encounter behind the Fifth Consecration. He plays a non-believing priest in the latest cinematic representation of the miracles at Fatima. If you’re new to the world of Marian apparitions, you might want to watch this trailer.

“Fatima” (2020, Picturehouse )wrestles with the challenges of juxtaposing the natural and supernatural for the modern mindset. 

Photo: “Fatima” Official Trailer/Youtube

                                       Fatima: Exploring the Message 

At Fatima, Mary chose rural children in an impoverished nation to save us from ourselves. The Path to Peace, She taught, travels through the human heart. Peace reigns when we reject anger and hate. Not mentally. Spiritually. Not in our heads. In our hearts.

Here are Her instructions for traveling that path:

1.) forego food and drink (fast)

2.) make personal sacrifices of comforts you enjoy (do penance)

3.) petition God for His forgiveness for your sins (pray)

It’s a call to fasting, penance, and prayer (emphasizing the daily rosary) as reparation for our cruelty and violence. This self-abnegation is an alien concept for many in a modern world of Instant Everything. And it undermines cultures and lives that prioritize materialism, egotism, and self-absorption.

As a daughter of Israel, Mary was steeped in the efficacy of fasting and penance. Indeed, communal fasting was often the key to surviving as a nation and a people of God. Moses established and taught fasting after the exodus from Egypt, a tradition followed by Jews and Christians for thousands of years.

The Mediatrix at Fatima poses questions for us today: How often do we manage to call ourselves to account for our daily shortcomings? Do we take our hearts to task, even in small ways, when we torture, murder, and destroy that which is good, true and beautiful around us? Or inside us? 

Do I confess my violence to those I’ve wronged? Do I offer reparation? Even if it’s simply saying, “I’m sorry”?

At Fatima, the Mother of God calls us to atone. In the process, we have the chance to heal ourselves and the world.

Whether or not you are willing to offer Fatima any credence, there is wisdom in this. And taken to heart by enough of us, this seemingly rigorous path would surely change us, our families, and our communities. If all of Russia and Ukraine were to walk this path, might the killing end? Or are we impervious to improvement and condemned to a history dripping in the blood we shed, or beg others to shed for us?

                           The First Consecration: A Conditional Success?                            

The first of what are now five consecrations came during World War II. Pope Pius XII consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary through a radio message on Oct.31, 1942. 

On November 19, 1942, the Red Army, under Marshal Georgy Zhukov, mobilized one million men to surround Stalingrad. Zhukov’s victory there came on February 3, 1943. That day is considered the turning point in the war against the Nazis. After Stalingrad, the Third Reich’s destruction was a matter of time.

Yes, the connection is not necessarily causality. Similarly, no amount of miracles will convince the skeptic, while no miracles are necessary for the believer.

Let’s review this connection in light of the timing of the end of the Battle of Arras.

Just three days separate the first apparition at Fatima in 1917 from the end of the Battle of Arras during World War One.

Just three weeks separate Pope Pius XII’s consecration of Russia from the start of the offensive that marks the turning point of World War Two. A stetch? The parallels between the first apparition and the first consecration are intriguing.

Might Pope Francis’s consecration be followed by a similar providential turn? Causality or concidence will be up to the viewer.

                       Was the Papal Friday for the Future Successful?

The “Theotokos” (God-bearer) gave simple instructions at Fatima for ending our unbroken cycle of global warfare. Pope Francis’s Consecration was central to fulfilling those instructions. Was the consecration successful? And could it mitigate or end the war in Ukraine and prevent an even worse war? 

For the faithful, the answer is: Pray, Fast, Do Penance. 

For skeptics, a response can be: Give it a go. 

All we have to lose is a war.

Germany: Mandating Away 4,000 Years of Law ?

January 28, 2022

I traveled to Berlin Wednesday Jan. 26 2022 for what might be the most important debate in the history of the Bundestag – the debate on vaccine mandates. Should parliament approve mandates and the associated digital passport, it’s my view that Germany will be casting off its democratic moorings in the process. It may well take the EU with it. My summary is based on discussions with parliamentarians, journalists and everyday people.

Germany could soon become the only G7 nation to force its entire adult population to undergo an invasive medical procedure. Few would be exempt. Including for religious reasons.

That’s what appears to be emerging after day two of the Bundestag debate on a Covid vaccine mandate. Three drafts are circulating. They include state ordered injections for all 18 and over, for all those 50 and over, and a voluntary program. But the prospect of government mandated injections is being rejected by a growing number of Germans. Almost a third of the population of 83 million want them off the table. For good and completely. 

And after two years of ever tightening restrictions, those people are taking to the streets in increasing numbers in illegal nationwide protests. They include people from all walks of life. Many fear the mandates will spell the end to a fundamental human right – autonomy over one’s own body. 

Source FAZ/Youtube

Two Deaths During Anti-Mandate Demonstrations

On Monday, January 23rd, two men died during that day’s mainly peaceful demonstrations. One was a well-known musician. 53 year-old Boris Pfiefer apparently died of heart failure after being “kettled” or corralled by police forces. BLM protesters condemned similar harsh tactics after enduring them during the 2020 George Floyd protests. Police kettling is finding increased usage against Germany’s anti-mandate protestors, mothers with children included. The other death was apparently a retiree at a protest who suffered a heart attack.

These tragic deaths came during two of the approximately 2,400 “Monday Night Walks” that night across the country.

Prenzlau Monday Jan.23 2022  Photo: Brian Thomas All Rights Reserved

Germany’s weekly street activism come in contrast to the opening of other European countries, like Britain, Spain, Ireland and Denmark, which are canceling all, or most, restrictions on pubic life.

A German mandate for forced vaccinations would be a dubious first.

Will Germany become the first leading western nation to force vaccines upon a significant dissenting minority?

The prospect is unsettling in a country that has gone to great lengths to atone for past failures to protect minorities, and that remains painfully conscious of its past. Post-war Germany has gone to great lengths to craft a public image as a leading voice on moral issues. But by failing to protecting an individual’s right of conscience, the right not to be coerced by government and by extension, minority rights, it is now surrendering, at least in part, that hard won moral high ground.

On what is becoming the defining moral issue of our era, it’s other western democracies that are remaining true to fundamental core values. Not one German government associated public institution has stepped forward to ensure that individual rights play a central role in mandate debates and legislation. In the US, key institutions have rejected them. President Biden surrendered his push for mandates after the Supreme Court ruled them unjustified. Top judges elsewhere, in countries like Belgium, have rejected far weaker mandates. Last week the Czech Republic rescinded mandates promised by the previous government. In Asia, Japan has turned them down for a voluntary vaccine program. And even the WHO does not support mandates outright. The UN body says it’s better to work on information campaigns and to make vaccines accessible.

With Berlin going it alone among western powers, perhaps it will listen to a close partner that post-war Germany has passionately supported and whose opinion it respects – Israel?

Can Israel Save the German-Austrian Mandate Solo?

Before Germany sheers off and joins Austria, it might look to Israel for guidance. 

There are two reasons to look to Israel. The first is technical. The second is legal and spiritual.

“Only the Vaccine Can Save Us.”

Most German politicians claim only five authorised vaccines can end the pandemic. Officials like the country’s Health Minister tirelessly repeat there is no option. But is this in fact the case? Statistics from Israel appear to prove the exact opposite. Israel, the first nation to lock down entirely and vaccinate massively, continues to have some of the world’s highest infection rates. The prime minister has praised the half a million Israelis who’ve already had their fourth vaccination. Clearly, the current vaccine regimen is not the only way out of the pandemic. The more liberal approaches in Sweden and much of the US underscore these and other stubborn facts German politicos and the domestic press insist on ignoring. Even colleagues in mainstream US news headline the fact that covid cases keep falling in the five least fully vaccinated US states.

The second anti-mandate argument from Israel, the birthplace of the Three Abrahamic Religions, is even more compelling:

Source: Wiki CommonsCarole Raddato

The vaccine mandate denies a free human sole authority over their own body.

As such, the mandate represents a complete break with over four thousand years of Abrahamic and Mosaic law. It would be a complete rupture with the civilisation that binds Germany to the other two and a half billion children of Abraham worldwide.

This fundamental denial of the legal and spiritual basis for human dignity would cut Germany off from a millennia old legal continuum. It’s a superstructure for governance extending back to our planet’s very first cities and first codified laws. It is also a legal tradition, that in spite of all their many differences, binds together Jews, Christian and Muslims.

They all teach a similar precept. And that bedrock precept allows no room for any government to stake a claim over a citizen’s body. Here it is:

There is one God. Every human is made in his image and carries his image in their own unique personhood. To deny the dignity of personal autonomy is not only an offence against the individual. It also violates the dignity of the Creator, God himself, who has bestowed his children with his own sacred image.

Vaccine mandates violate the first commandment:

“You shall have no Gods before me, and you shall love God with all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul.”

German law, the western legal framework, indeed our entire global concept of human rights find their origins in that one commandment. German vaccine mandates would remove this cornerstone from the overarching body of law and establish a new and alien principal. This new principal replaces God with government officials as the entity possessing the right to claim an individual’s body. In one grand sweep, vaccine mandates would legally terminate an individual’s right to his or her sanctity, and the freedoms that proceed from it.

Via vaccine mandates, government claims ownership of a human’s body, even before that individual can themselves claim possession of that God given birthright. Mandates invert the guiding principle of our civilisation:

Freedom is given by God, not by man. It is inalienable, untouchable, and non-negotiable.


Image Credit (Philippe de Champaigne / Public domain)  Previous

It’s Not Just Moses

The teaching and documents of one of the world’s biggest religions, Catholicism, seamlessly assert the Mosaic basis for human dignity over the last two millennium. They include the documents from Vatican Two and Pope Paul VI, which unequivocally champion the right of the individual not to be coerced on matters of conscience. Pope Francis has sown confusion on vaccine mandates with ongoing statements that counter these two thousand years of catechesis. The issue is taken up in this thoughtful piece by the left-center, mainstream outlet “Religion News Service” if you are interested.

And US bishops, in Of Human Dignity, have long underscored the continuity of Judeo-Christian ethics in secular government infrastructure:

“However, an acknowledgment of the dignity of the individual human being is not uniquely Catholic. This belief is found not just in the Bible, not just in the teachings of Jesus, but in the wisdom of non-religious thinkers. Ancient stoic philosophers like Seneca emphasized human dignity. The enlightenment philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) defended humanity as an end-in-itself never to be used simply as a means. In 1776, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and the American Founders … .”

What Strange House is Austro-Germany Building?

This novel Austro-German legal edifice would be bereft of any trace of the God of Abraham. It would be an empty, soulless and windswept house.

Incredibly, this is not the first time these two nations have lock-stepped toward the chimera of a superior, manmade world.

It’s still not too late to turn back.

Millenia ago, Moses anticipated this very moment. Just prior to his death on Mount Nebo, Moses’s bestowed a blessing. It was also a plea to remember the law is life itself:

“Take to heart all the words I have solemnly declared to you this day, so that you may command your children to obey carefully all the words of this law They are not just idle words for you—they are your life. And thereby you shall live long … .” Deuteronomy 32:44

Through grace or merit or both, Germany has profited in countless ways from Mosaic precepts. For decades they have served and protected the people of this nation as they did the people of Israel. This codex has been the legal and moral foundation for Germany’s modern freedoms and prosperity.  

Today’s German politicians, though, appear intent on severing their legal and bonds with the West’s earliest spiritual origins. Friedrich Nietzsche indicated he thought this might be inevitable at some point. In “Beyond Good and Evil” (here’s a free copy) he said: “We Northerners undoubtedly derive our origin from barbarous races, even as regards our talents for religion—we have POOR talents for it.” (the caps are Nietzsche’s)

Personally, I have encountered more than enough Germans to believe this is not the case. Still, as politicians stare into the widening legal abyss of their own creating, they might want to consider Nietzsche and his warning that the abyss might just stare back.

Stradanus Map of Hell Wiki Commons

Brian Thomas. All Rights Reserved 2022

Brian Thomas covered German parliamentary politics for over 30 years for a major international broadcaster. He was on hand as the the New Berlin Republic took up business in the Reichstag in 1999 and has reported extensively on German and European life and politics. He now covers stories independently with an emphasis on giving a voice to the marginalised, weak and forgotten.

Six Compelling Reasons for the Bundestag to Reject Vaccine Mandates as They Stand

December 9, 2021

Avda /
CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Bundestag is currently debating vaccine mandates for the German electorate, including for certain professions and trades. The proposed law, if approved, would grant government officials unprecedented powers over the lives of individual citizens. I argue the proposed broad powers are incompatible with progressive democracies and a free people. As such, they warrant more time for public and parliamentary deliberation and should be voted down in their current form.

The legislative debate is also poorly timed. It comes as much of the population is preparing for Christmas and school holidays and cannot dedicate the time necessary for careful personal consideration. 

Lost as well in the rush: over the past weeks, other legislatures and courts, notably in the United States, have rejected vaccine mandates as unconstitutional.  

As I write this, the US Senate has voted to nullify President Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses as incompatible with the Constitution and the rule of law.

That Germany’s closest ally should reject a mandate less invasive than that now before the Bundestag should be grounds for pause.

Here are six compelling reasons for parliamentarians to call for extended debate on mandates and to vote them down as currently proposed: 

1.) Mandates fail to protect public health as promised and provide the public with a false sense of security.

  a.) An August 2021 study funded by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention concluded: 

“As this field continues to develop, clinicians and public health practitioners should consider vaccinated persons who become infected with SARS-CoV-2 to be no less infectious than unvaccinated persons. These findings are critically important, especially in congregate settings where the viral transmission can lead to large outbreaks. “[1]

2.) Mandates present a grievous attack on Germany’s constitutional protections guaranteeing bodily autonomy, the right to work, and hard-won civil liberties.

a.) Leading German legal experts and former politicians, like (thrice vaccinated) former Interior Minister Otto Schily have condemned mandates. In an OpEd in “Die Welt” he says not even authoritarian states like China have vaccine mandates and adds:

“Mandates are an unconstitutional overreach by the state.” [2]

Schily, seen here in 1983 with then then fellow Green MP Petra Kelly(deceased), has shaped German politics for decades.

Photo:Bundesarchiv, B 145 Bild-F065187-0014 / Engelbert Reineke / CC-BY-SA 3.0

3.) Mandates ignore the individual right to claim an exemption on religious grounds or as a conscientious objection. These are rights German lawmakers in the past have liberally granted, for example, to conscientious objectors in the military. 

The case for exemptions has been bolstered in the US state of Colorado, where Catholic bishops are vigorously and successfully asserting them. 

     a.) The Colorado bishops have issued a template letter for exemptions and advise those with reservations that: “Vaccination is not morally obligatory and so must be voluntary,” state the bishops. “The Catholic Church teaches that a person may refuse medical intervention, including a vaccination if his or her conscience leads them to that decision…. That person should follow their conscience, and they should not be penalized for doing so.” [3]

Legal scholars in the US and Europe note the moral and legal framework for exemptions is similar in both legal systems. Regrettably, there has been no open public discussion of religious exemptions, or exemptions based on conscience, in the hurried atmosphere surrounding this vote. Time is running out for their inclusion.

4.) Mandates ignore the mounting body of scientific evidence that the mRNA vaccine appears to be causing an unusually high rate of injuries and deaths when compared with other vaccines. 

     a.) The respected American Medical Association has issued a study warning that the controversial mRNA vaccines lead to a dramatic risk of heart attack among those who take them. “We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.[4]

b.) The widely followed global voice on Covid, Dr.John Campbell, long an advocate of broad covid vaccination, is now recommending a review of mRNA vaccines and caution. His analysis has received 1,877,982 views to date. His channel has 1.76 million subscribers. 

Dr. Campbell’s clarification alone should raise questions about rushing through mandates:

Source : Youtube

5.) Mandates fail to provide harmed or killed individuals, or their families and survivors with complete or even adequate indemnity, or legal and financial recourse, either against the mandating government or the international pharmaceutical corporations producing Covid vaccines.

According to German public broadcaster ZDF[5], the federal government is liable for damages from several vaccine producers. 

But while that is technically the case, on the website, Attorney Lena E. Telioridis, among others, qualifies that liability:  

“In the established case law, vaccination damage is only recognized if there is permanent damage to health, which must be proven with a probability bordering on certainty, see LSG NRW, ruling v. 08/21/2020 – L 13 VE 40/19; LSG Bayern, ruling v. May 14, 2019 – L 15 VJ 9/17). … In practice, it is therefore in any case associated with considerable effort to actually positively prove the existence of a vaccine damage.”

(Google translate)

„In der ständigen Rechtsprechung wird ein Impfschaden jedoch nur dann anerkannt, wenn eine dauerhafte gesundheitliche Schädigung vorliegt, was mit an Sicherheit grenzender Wahrscheinlichkeit nachgewiesen werden muss, vgl. LSG NRW, Urt. v. 21.08.2020 – L 13 VE 40/19; LSG Bayern, Urt. v. 14.05.2019 – L 15 VJ 9/17). … In der Praxis ist es daher jedenfalls mit erheblichem Aufwand verbunden, tatsächlich das Vorliegen eines Impfschadens positiv zu beweisen.[6]

In the US it appears both the government and corporations are mainly off the hook for damages. According to Reuters, Covid vaccine injury claims are mounting, but recourse is lacking for those harmed. CNBC confirms that you can’t sue Pfizer or Moderna if you have severe Covid vaccine side effects. The government likely won’t compensate you for damages either. And the Factcheckers over at Newsweek have come to a sobering conclusion that German lawmakers should weigh carefully:

“Pharmaceutical companies are protected from liability regarding the COVID-19 vaccines. If someone has an allergic reaction or injury from one of the vaccines, they can petition to receive compensation from the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP). The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), which also falls under the jurisdiction of HHS, has a better record of providing compensation to people who claim injury from a vaccine than CICP but covers vaccines for diseases such as polio and seasonal influenza, not COVID-19.”

6.) The US Senate, with support from Democrats, has voted to nullify President Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses as not compatible with the Constitution or court rulings on labor law and personal autonomy. And in blow after blow, top federal courts have also consistently blocked Biden Administration vaccine mandates. [7]

a.) That the German Supreme court and the Ethikrat should reject the reasoning of top US courts and legislators should be cause for reflection.  This discrepancy highlights the need to review how the German Supreme Court arrived at its conclusions. Greater transparency of the court approval process before the Bundestag vote would bolster public acceptance of any legislative decision. 

This list of six reasons for extended debate and a rejection of mandates in their current form is far from exhaustive. It is, however, a sufficient basis for parliamentarians to reject the legislation. Along with condemnation by a growing number of German public figures, vaccine mandates have been roundly rejected by voters and their representatives in the mature democracies of the United States and the United Kingdom.

It is past time to abandon the acrimonious debate, fueled in part by politicians and major media, that has continuously vilified and marginalized virtually all dissenters as far-right radicals, anti-social lunatics, or the unwashed and ill-informed. The documentation provided here cites mainstream sources. Taken together they demonstrate a more rigorous critique of government policies is long overdue. 

What’s more, ignoring the mounting evidence and the reasonable doubt about the safety of mRNA vaccines raises issues of culpability and liability. 

Covid mRNA vaccines appear to represent a potential danger to public health, including the possibility of irreversible effects on the health of a significant portion of the population. The costs in human life and suffering, and future expenditures for care and rehabilitation, could easily outweigh any benefits of a vaccine that has already failed to live up to its promises.








Copyright: Brian Thomas, Germany 2021

You are free to reprint part or all of this article. Simply drop me a line at and let me know prior to publishing.

Germany: Prepare for a Trump Victory. And Insurrection.

November 3, 2020

In a few hours, the vast majority of my German friends are going to be stunned, incredulous, and deeply distressed as once again the poll takers, media and political elites are proven wrong and Donald Trump is voted into office in what will become known as the Second Greatest Comeback in modern American politics.
The first was his election in 2016.

Germans, looking aghast at America, and locked down for a second time by a government seen as increasingly out of touch, will further question the sagacity and effectiveness of their own institutions. And in the months ahead that will have consequences for Chancellor Merkel.

First, Trump’s victory will be resounding in relationship to the media echoed inevitability of a Biden win just weeks ago.
Here are six salients that presage the Red Wave:

1.) The massive crowds that have greeted the president everywhere he’s rallied in the week before Nov. 3rd
2.) His turnaround of the economy, despite pandemic lockdowns, with a whopping 33.1 percent increase in GDP in the third quarter.
3.) His promise not to lock down the nation or impose a mask mandate, and in the process ruin the small and medium-size businesses that power America.
4.) The Democrats failure to craft a compelling narrative other than the anti-Trump fear-mongering of the last four years
5.) The memory of the violent riots that have gutted the urban cores of Democrat-led cities
6.) The massive pre-election exodus of businesses and high-productivity individuals from New York, California, and Illinois to Texas, Arizona, and Florida.

Troops Have Been Deployed in Major Cities

In the weeks before Nov.3rd, major American cities emptied and boarded up. Even the Washington D.C media personalities who’ve contributed to the current climate of fear are aghast at the hollowed out cities they have helped create. America’s Democratic-led cities are tinder boxes, and about to explode.

Troops are now deploying to prevent the worst.

The rioting America has seen so far will pale in comparison to what the world can expect to see in the next few hours. I hope I am wrong. But the unmet expectations of an easy Democratic victory will inevitably lead to bitterness and rage among Democrats unwilling to tolerate
another Trump administration. Thousands of activists have been drilling for months. Federal and state bureaucrats have been organising to prevent Trump’s policies from being enacted. Hilary Clinton and other top Democrats have already poisoned the well saying any Trump victory should not be accepted. They can be expected to act in concert to make sure he does not take office.

By doing so, they will sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.

Trump Will Authorize the 1807 Insurrection Act

When the Georg Floyd Riots kicked off what would morph into a pandemic blind orgy of violence, arson and looting, President Trump had threatened to quell the unrest under the Insurrection Act of 1807. He didn’t use it in the end. But a few days ago Trump is reported to have told his trusted friend and media star, Judge Jenine Pirro that should the violence spark up again, he will quickly use its provisions to send in federal troops to quash the unrest. (Go to TC 23:43)

Troops whose trustworthiness to do so are already well prepared.

And the President can call on a recent precedent that had slim support at the time, but enough to make it viable, during the Civil Rights Era in the ’60s. Average Americans are already sickened to the core by the urban unrest from which some cities may never fully recover. With no desire to see that list grown longer, they would welcome federal troops.

On Election Day, Germany Calls for Politicians to Accept the Vote

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has called on American politicians to accept the outcome of the vote. Is he talking to Hilary Clinton and Kamala Harris? Or is he talking to Donald Trump, who’s also indicated he has his particular concerns about the vote? I can’t recall this kind of statement ever being made by a cabinet-level German politician on the very day Americans vote.
The Germans are unsettled. But it is their own doing.
One infamous poll shows 85 % of Germans have a negative view of the US and see China, yes re-education camp, Hong Kong smashing China, as a better partner.

German politicians of every stripe have been harbouring this mistrust for the last four years, forgetting, it seems, 70 years of American help undo Stalin’s blockade and end France’s non to reunification. It is one of the most overlooked and underreported examples of collective ingratitude in the annals of international friendship.
Germany can mend this rupture if it takes the following to heart:

America is in for a period of unrest and redefinition not seen since 1861. It will go far deeper than the Cultural Revolution of 1968. It could last months. Or years. And it will be a different America that emerges, one chastened, but strengthened and convinced of its unique destiny to lead the world in the struggle for our inalienable freedoms and for equality for all.
Rest assured, tomorrow’s America will remember as friends those who stand by her in the coming hours of uncertainty, in the trial from which the Republic will emerge stronger than ever.

For the failure of the American Republic to renew itself, or for it to disappear from the list of the free nations of the world, is a thought too dreadful in its impact and consequences to contemplate for people of good will everywhere.

Protected: May 14th – Corona’s Highwater Mark

May 31, 2020

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Germany Goes Mao on Free Speech: Investors Blanche

January 19, 2018

When asked how he went bankrupt, the venerable  American author of “Huckleberry Finn” Mark Twain said „Slowly at first, then all at once.“ It looks like that quintessential Western freedom to speak and write freely (within the already narrow parameters of incitement, libel and genocide denial laws) is heading down the very same path in Germany. Freedom of speech, that core practice that distinguishes the West from its competitors and adversaries, is curling up its toes between the Oder and the Rhine.

On New Year’s Day 2018, veiled government censorship detonated in the Teutonic Twittersphere as a new and eerily named hate speech law took effect – the Netzdurchsuchungsgesetz. I’ve covered the NetzDG ‘s slow dark creep and how it’s the antithesis of all that characterizes the West – arbitrary, without redress, full Mao.

As it seeks to make a thousand flowers bloom, the law also has the potential of spooking investors and even of damaging investor sentiment in Germany. That’s especially true for smaller urban tech start-ups and for downtown real estate, as I discovered at the latest Tech Summit in Lisbon. More on that later. First, here’s a bit of polit-drama to spice up a baleful tale.

Not Tried, But Immediately Tested

After the NetzDG went into effect on the first day of 2018, it was immediately tested by an arch-adversary of the sitting government. AFD MP Beatrix von Storch fired off a Tweet that entered the Shadowland of What is Acceptable. In emotive language, she lashed out at “barbaric, gang-raping Muslim hordes”. The tweet was quickly scrubbed by Twitter. (In a prima facie example of how misguided the law is, a satire of her tweetwas erased as well.) Von Storch then used the censorship as a case in point – that the NetzDG was not about fighting hate, but was instead a cynical bid to ring-fence debate on the CDU/SPD’s Open Borders policy and its consequences. That policy is now facing mounting public rejection and is weighing heavily on tough exploratory talks for a coalition government.

Hate Speech Charges: Used to Smokescreen Policy Failures?

You can argue whether or not the AFD Co-Chair’s Beatrix von Storch’s Tweet was in good taste. But that’s not at issue. What is, is her fundamental right to express her own thoughts and sentiments where, how and when she pleases. Especially when it comes to public policy and police failures to protect the public. Taking it one step further, the very police department her Tweet criticized (Cologne’s) then put her under investigation for incitement for underscoring unpleasant facts that put them in a bad light!  Again, the question here is not whether von Storch stereo-typed a group, hurt feelings or even engaged in incitement. The question is about censoring political speech at the exact moment migration becomes the nation’s most emotional and divisive issue. The Twitter erasure and felony charges arise just as new crime stats point to a direct link between increased unvetted migration and soaring violence and crime in Germany and Europe.

Setting the Cologne police case aside, a public courtroom, not a corporate office for private media police , is the proper venue to judge if Von Storch broke the law. That’s been the democratic norm in the US since 1789 and the Federal Republic since 1949. The CDU/SPD Grand Coaltion has clearly dropped the torch.

A Law Unto Itself 

The NetzDG has been ripped apart by a cross-section of civil society. Even the UN, assorted NGO’s and the EU have expressed concern. And since the NetzDG has the whiff of political sulfur, it’s hardly surprising the AFD, seeing an opportunity, has gone in for the kill. The FDP and the Greens as well have made undoing the law part of their agenda. (The Greens, though, want more, not less, government intervention. According to the DTS News Service, leading Green Renate Kunast wants a national network of courts to convict offenders.) All of this has stoked the debate that Germany is sleepwalking backward into the bad old days of the Stasi in the Communist East. As a young journalist, I spent a number of tours in the grayscapes of the DDR. I never saw a thousand blossoms. But I did meet some of the earnest “Heroes of the Revolution” who were busy monitoring, censoring and arresting fellow citizens for aberrant thoughts and utterances, like the gentleman below.

The NetzDG is not Investor-Friendly 

The NetzDG is tarnishing Germany’ reputation as a progressive society. What it reveals is a jittery nanny state micromanaging Tweets with a legion of amateurs unsuited for their role, whose task is administering directives and whose judgment is final. That might work if your business partner is a sweatshop providing the only jobs in a malarial swampland. It does not work if you’re looking for the best and the brightest. What makes Silicon Valley shine for tech investors is the atmosphere of inventiveness deeply rooted in free thinking. Arabesques of creativity were not exactly the order of the day in the DDR. They will become less likely in a Germany where social media is tightly monitored for missteps.

And it sets Germany on a slippery slope. How long is the descent from censored tweets to China’s social media ratings that determine your employment or housing possibilities? Far-fetched? Some in the German elite are openly lobbying for pivoting to China as Berlin’s preferred partner rather than Trumps’ America. It’s not only perceptions of what Germany’s is becoming that’s worrying investors. At the Tech Summit in Lisbon, young founders also grilled me on security in business hubs like Frankfurt and Berlin in light of the arrival of thousands of unvetted migrants.

They’re Only Numbers 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t provide them with concrete numbers, and could only point to the anecdotal record. That, as mentioned, has changed as I write this, and the latest numbers confirm aggregated police blotter reports showing a connection and a causality between a spike in migrant numbers and a spike in certain types of crime. This topic has been largely ignored by Germany’s mainstream news networks. (Some of the questions raised at the Tech Summit were based on personal accounts of recent travelers to Germany.) I left Lisbon with the impression there are growing reservations among digital nomads about German cities, especially about my home, Berlin. For Generation Z, I discovered, it no longer enjoys a reputation as a  laid-back locale for hipsters looking to start up the next Spotify or Netflix. Now it’s Lisbon that’s topping the charts for groove and the buzz.   Not just because of its young tech scene, its modest prices and its stunning natural beauty and nostalgic architechtural beauty. It’s also one of Europe’s safest cities – especially for young women. (But watch out for the pickpockets on scenic Tram 28!)

            Taking a break at TechSummit17 with the Tall Ships

Can Germany Get Its Freedom Mojo Back?

Step One to a new German Mojo is dumping NetzDG on the scrap heap of history. Germany’s leading publications are already leaning that way. Editors are recalling Europe’s rich heritage: what has distinguished us, beginning with the Greek city-state until this very day, is the freedom to speak our minds publically and in assemblies, the Agora, without fear. The NetzDG imbues the Digital Agora with an atmosphere of denunciation and suspicion. The choice for Germans is clear: they can choose freedom, with all its nuances and responsibilities, or they can choose fear, the great paralyzer and destroyer. Let’s hope 2018 will see Germans reconnecting with the Freedom Mojo that was their glory in 1848 and in 1989. The world would be a better place for it.

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Unstable Germany? Not if President Steinmeier Acts Fast

November 20, 2017

With the collapse of coalition talks, German has entered unchartered territory and many fear weeks if not months of political uncertainty set to cost jobs, give investors cold feet and undermine faith in Europe’s leading economy and in Berlin’s ability to shape the post-Brexit European Union. People are worried and they should be.

A fraying Europe – with Brexit, Catalaxit, challenges to the rule of law in Poland, corporate censorship in the form of hate speech laws for social media, a disingenuous Russia and a migration crisis that will be with us for decades – has just received another loud rip in its fabric.
There is a way, though, to save Germany and Europe from further damage

The wise authors of the nation’s 1949 Constitution, having lived through the associated horrors of weak institutions during the Weimar Republic anticipated exactly this moment. They’ve provided us with the excellent remedies within the guidelines of Article 63.

Sicherheitskonferenz - Munich Security Conference


How Article 63 Works

With the collapse of talks, following Article 63 means the Federal President, Frank-Walter  Steinmeier steps in. The political initiative and the power to decide who is chancellor passes to the Federal President. Frank Walter Steinmeier.  He’s already indicated he understands what is at stake.

Step One: The Bundestag Vote for Absolute Majority

„The Chancellor is elected by the Bundestag in accordance with Article 63. The Federal President is allowed to propose a candidate only in the first round of voting. Here the authors of the Basic Law learned a clear lesson from the Weimar Republic where the President was able to appoint and dismiss the Chancellor at will. If there is no absolute majority in the first round of voting the Bundestag has fourteen days time in which it can elect a Chancellor in as many rounds of voting as desired. Here again, an absolute majority is needed to win (Article 63, 3, Basic Law). „

Step Two: The Bundestag Vote for a Simple Majority

„If this second phase fails to produce the desired result the parliament must vote without delay in a third phase. If the candidate for Chancellor receives only a relative majority the President is required to step in. He must either appoint the candidate for Chancellor who received the largest number of votes or he must dissolve the Bundestag (Article 63, 4, Basic Law).In the 18 times a Chancellor has been elected since 1949 all the heads of government have received the required a majority in the first round of voting. However the candidate elected is not officially Chancellor until he has received a certificate of appointment from the Federal President (Article 63, 2, Basic Law)

Step Three: The Constructive Vote of No-confidence

A Chancellor’s term in office normally ends when the newly elected Bundestag convenes for its first meeting (Article 69, Basic Law). However, the parliament can express a lack of confidence in the head of government by electing a successor with an absolute majority (Article 67, Basic Law). Helmut Kohl is the only Chancellor in the history of the Federal Republic to have been elected in this way. He succeeded Helmut Schmidt as a result of a constructive vote of no confidence in 1982. At the request of the Federal President, a deposed Chancellor is required to continue to conduct the affairs of office until the appointment of his successor (Article 69, Basic Law).

The German President Should Act Swiftly, Today Would be Good

German President Frank Walter Steinmeier should act swiftly and begin the parliamentary process.

Now that the FDP is out, we can be spared the spectacle of similarly doomed negotiations. The FDP, Greens and the conservative CDU/CSU have demonstrated they can’t reach even the show of a workable compromise in the following areas:

1.) Migration and the prospect of bringing over hundreds of thousands of family dependents to join the hundreds of thousands of refugee already here. Non-starter.

2.) Fossil Fuels. Ending coal mining and coal-fired power plants is a no-go zone that was barely touched on.

3.) Tax Reform Never easy even when partners are ideologically close let alone at dagger’s edge.

AfD Bundesparteitag 23. April 2017 in Köln


If all else fails : New Elections 

With this in mind, and should the Bundestag vote fail, the Federal President then calls new elections. That’s not the end of the world. It will most likely, however, be the political end of the Angela Merkel. Under her leadership, her Christian Democrats have lost most of their conservative contours, especially regarding migration, open borders and a cap on asylum seekers and migrants. These issues, and whether refugees already in the country will be allowed to bring over their families from places like Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, will be at the heart of the next election campaign. The party most likely to benefit from the new uncertainty and new elections will be the Alternative for Germany which has made an anti-migrant stand the central plank in its platform.


John F. Kennedy Calling with a Free Speech Message this Saint Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2017

This Saint Patrick Day I’m thinking about one of my favorite Irish heroes, the late President John Fitzgerald Kennedy – a man of clarity, purpose, and courage. His speeches, written by himself, remain part of classic rhetorical training, as they were when I was learning to cut the cliches and mixed metaphors.

To celebrate Paddy driving out of the snakes, here’s the audio and text version of his oft-cited address to the American Newspapers Publishers Association on April 27, 1961. It represents the gold standard when it comes to style. But it’s often overlooked when it comes to its substance – namely that a vigorous and free press it essential to a lively democracy. Without it, debate and discussion withers to what is allowed and approved by the powerful and wealthy, not what is essential to a free and independent people. And the shield and sword that protects the press is the First Amendment.

Here in Germany, a bill is being crafted that would undermine free speech in this country. It’s the Hate Speech bill by Justice Minister Heiko Maas that I have warned about in other commentaries and will continue to report on. The German journalist Marcus Reuter has done some especially good reporting on the type of creeping government censorship it imposes, masked in good intentions. It takes aim at communications on social media, but can easily be applied to Bragh! services as well. The list of forbidden content includes the usual “hate speech” and “incitement” clauses which are famously elastic, as well legal sanctions for failing to delete illegal material like copyrighted images or text. At the same time, it contains no sanctions for failing to delete pornographic material that may be accessible by a minor.

But let’s put all this aside for today – it is, after all, Saint Patrick’s and that means, since everyone is Irish today, it’s time for a beer, and some corned beef and cabbage out of solidarity with the Emerald Isle. One last thought – just like Saint Patrick is the protector of Ireland, JFK told journalists that they, and the First Amendment, were the protectors of America’s freedom:

“Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed–and no republic can survive. That is why the Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy. And that is why our press was protected by the First Amendment– the only business in America specifically protected by the Constitution …”

Here’s to Saint Patrick and a snake free life: Erin Go Bragh !

Copyright by Brian Thomas 2016 . All rights reserved.


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Five Things Angela Merkel Can Do Before Inauguration Day To Warm Ties With the New Washington

January 12, 2017


Photo Credit: “DSC01763” © 2012 Maxence, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio

Germany and its political leaders may never learn to love Donald Trump. But they will have to learn to live with him, and to work with him over the next four, or even eight, years.

So why not get of to a good start?

Here’s five things Berlin can do today to get off on the right foot with the new administration.

Call the Point Man

Angela Merkel’s Press Spokesman Stefan Seibert can send a note of congratulations to Sean Spicer, Donald Trump’s new Press Secretary, his counterpart in the White House, for being named to the post.

If he already did so, why not send a nice follow-up and underscore all the things they have in common? They’re both Catholics, married with children, familiar with the corridors of power and share a knack for working with high power bosses with thick agendas.

Stefan should invite Sean to Berlin for a beer and get those back channels of communication lubricated with some good German hops. I’m leaving their twitter addresses here and here in case either of them stumble on this and take up the idea on a whim. You never know …

Jared Packs a Punch


© 2006 Hamed Saber, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio

Merkel’s Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier should do a Skype hook up with Jared Kuschner. After investing so much time in getting the Iran nuclear done and dusted, the German Foreign Minister can get familiar with Trump’s son-in-law  and Special White House advisor. Kushner has known Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from childhood. (His father has cut the kind of deals in Israel his billionaire son has put together in New York.)

Maybe Jared can help  Steinmeier save the Iran Deal from the trash can? Trump has promised to tear it up and Kushner is set to be his “go-to-guy “for Israel.

Steinmeier will, of course, first have to convince Jared he didn’t mean it when he intervened in the US election (without hacking or fake news) and said the prospect of  a Trump presidency was frightening and likened then candidate now president-elect Trump  to a hate preacher.  Hans-Dieter Genscher is rolling in his grave.

As Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has discovered – even knowing a friend of Jared can pay off. One such friend just told  Abbas Trump is serious about recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The Jordanian government is calling Jerusalem a “Red Line”. I wonder how Saudi Arabia feels? Or Islamic State? Did I just repeat myself?

Crank up the Skype Steini and get going. There’s a lot to do before becoming German president. Are you training up a replacement? Remind him that foresight is is the hallmark of diplomatic greatness.


Past Support means Future Gains

German intelligence services need the NSA to work effectively. That’s according to no-one less than the SPD’s Thomas Oppermann. The Social Democrat grandee was once very busy with the parliamentary committee that looked into the NSA spying scandals in 2015.

Mr.Oppermann might want to consider a quick flight to New York to check in with Dan Coates, the man earmarked by Trump to oversee America’s vast, mulit-agency intelligence network. Coates is a former U.S. ambassador to Germany and under Bush the Younger tried, but failed, to get the Schroeder-Fischer Duo to kit up German soldiers and join in the Fake News fueled War Against Iraq.

Oppermann might want to leave out that German intell got it right about Iraqi WMD’s in 2003. Instead he can focus on how Angela Merkel backed George W. Bush in the run up to the war. That fact can be a bridge builder with Coates, who I’m sure hasn’t forgotten Merkel’s support from the opposition benches when most Germans opposed the war.

Saying You’re Sorry In the National Interest

Angela Merkel has made pre-inauguration comments indicating Europe should get used to acting on the world stage without the U.S. The statement is a political earthquake that has yet to send shock waves. No post-war president has ever called the trans-Atlantic Partnership into question. What Europe is she talking about ? Britain is going, and France, Holland and Italy want either out or a looser EU after elections this year.  And Spain and Belgium are both still facing secessionists. There’s always Luxembourg. They have banks.

Instead of warning Trump on protectionism, she should be should somehow quickly make amends for her cool response to  Donald Trump’s shock victory.  The reintegrative shaming  she subjected him to will not work with Donald Trump. It’s a red bandana to a bull. Think Pamplona. A snappy apology would demonstrate strength of character,magnanimity and a desire to get down to work in the national interest. Trump has forgiven far worse slights and after all is a businessman. Simple flowers will do. No red roses.


In Vino Veritas

Host an Open House (with open bar) for Europe’s Expat American Deplorables at the Chancellery. They were hard to find during the campaign season, but I have a feeling we’re going to learn that places like Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt are actually crawling with Trump Republicans.  Especially now that the MAGA forces are about to march into the White House in a few days.

If these recommendations for Berlin  start and end with alcohol, that’s because getting US-German relations back to where they were under Obama might just require a stiff drink.  Especially  with a new poll showing Germans more disenchanted than ever with the US after the Trump victory.

Thinking about it twice, maybe save the drink for afterwards. No use conmplicating an already difficult situation.

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Detect,Detain,Defund,Deport: Germany’s Mainstream Goes Populist

January 8, 2017



„Beware the fury of a patient man.“ The English playwright John Dryden could have been speaking about the ever forbearing German voter. How much they have carried!

Funding their spendthrift brethren from Ireland to Greece. Bolstering the Euro and the EU’s banks every time they get a case of the teeters.

Standing up for the opposition in Ukraine and Syria, even when they are not quite democratic.

Always there for Israel, settlements or not.

And then the 2015 tour de force – taking in over a million of the planet’s needy and fleeing, only to discover (surprise surprise) some among them harbor murder and mayhem in their hearts.

You’d think those German voters were made out of money and the patience of a mandarin sage!

Well they’re not. Not of either and not by a long shot.

And they’re letting the ruling class know it.

Their main concern after a Terror Christmas is security.

They’re tired of cynical bromides like „Terror? It’s the new normal.“ „We’ll have to get used to it.“ „There’s no 100% security.“

They’re not having it. And they’ll be voting for leaders who promise to rip out the terrorists in our midst, root, branch and limb,  and deliver on that vow.

Caving into terror and making excuses for failure are not a vote winner in the current climate.

The latest opinion surveys and the political reaction bears that out.

New polls show the AFD snapping at the heels of the governing coalition’s Social Democrats.  They stand at 15 % to the SPD’S 20 % and have gained more than any other party. And that even though the far right Alternative for  Germany  are extremely thin on experienced personnel, are hampered by relentless infighting, and have yet to convincingly cull their ranks of neo-Nazis. (And they’ve even signaled they’ want to spend 2017-2022 on the opposition benches.)

It appears those long forbearing voters are starting to lose their patience with mainstream politics.

And it looks like the politicians get it.  From the Left Party to the liberal Free Democrats, they’ve sensed the public mood and have spent the last few days falling over each other in their bid to convince the public they’re the sheriff with the quickest pistol.

Here’s a quick sampling of a few personal favorites:

Left Party leader Sarah Wagenknecht channels AFD leader Fraucke Petry and says Angela Merkel bears partial responsibility for the Berlin attacks.

The Free Democrats’ Christian Lindner wants Merkel’s „Wir schaffen das“ („We can manage it“ in reference to the Refugee Crisis) applied to the surveillance of potential Islamist terrorists.

Co-Chancellor and would-be full time Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel now wants radical Islamist mosques banned.

(Why aren’t they already?, one has to ask.)

Whoever said politics is boring didn’t live in an age groping for ways to defend itself from a ghostly enemy who appears from the shadows bringing death and terror. The man or woman who finds a way to bring the jihadists to ground will be celebrated. The politicians who fail to do that will bear the  fury of the no longer patient German voter.

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