Detect,Detain,Defund,Deport: Germany’s Mainstream Goes Populist



„Beware the fury of a patient man.“ The English playwright John Dryden could have been speaking about the ever forbearing German voter. How much they have carried!

Funding their spendthrift brethren from Ireland to Greece. Bolstering the Euro and the EU’s banks every time they get a case of the teeters.

Standing up for the opposition in Ukraine and Syria, even when they are not quite democratic.

Always there for Israel, settlements or not.

And then the 2015 tour de force – taking in over a million of the planet’s needy and fleeing, only to discover (surprise surprise) some among them harbor murder and mayhem in their hearts.

You’d think those German voters were made out of money and the patience of a mandarin sage!

Well they’re not. Not of either and not by a long shot.

And they’re letting the ruling class know it.

Their main concern after a Terror Christmas is security.

They’re tired of cynical bromides like „Terror? It’s the new normal.“ „We’ll have to get used to it.“ „There’s no 100% security.“

They’re not having it. And they’ll be voting for leaders who promise to rip out the terrorists in our midst, root, branch and limb,  and deliver on that vow.

Caving into terror and making excuses for failure are not a vote winner in the current climate.

The latest opinion surveys and the political reaction bears that out.

New polls show the AFD snapping at the heels of the governing coalition’s Social Democrats.  They stand at 15 % to the SPD’S 20 % and have gained more than any other party. And that even though the far right Alternative for  Germany  are extremely thin on experienced personnel, are hampered by relentless infighting, and have yet to convincingly cull their ranks of neo-Nazis. (And they’ve even signaled they’ want to spend 2017-2022 on the opposition benches.)

It appears those long forbearing voters are starting to lose their patience with mainstream politics.

And it looks like the politicians get it.  From the Left Party to the liberal Free Democrats, they’ve sensed the public mood and have spent the last few days falling over each other in their bid to convince the public they’re the sheriff with the quickest pistol.

Here’s a quick sampling of a few personal favorites:

Left Party leader Sarah Wagenknecht channels AFD leader Fraucke Petry and says Angela Merkel bears partial responsibility for the Berlin attacks.

The Free Democrats’ Christian Lindner wants Merkel’s „Wir schaffen das“ („We can manage it“ in reference to the Refugee Crisis) applied to the surveillance of potential Islamist terrorists.

Co-Chancellor and would-be full time Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel now wants radical Islamist mosques banned.

(Why aren’t they already?, one has to ask.)

Whoever said politics is boring didn’t live in an age groping for ways to defend itself from a ghostly enemy who appears from the shadows bringing death and terror. The man or woman who finds a way to bring the jihadists to ground will be celebrated. The politicians who fail to do that will bear the  fury of the no longer patient German voter.

All Copyrights ©Brian Thomas 2017

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