Germany: Prepare for a Trump Victory. And Insurrection.

In a few hours, the vast majority of my German friends are going to be stunned, incredulous, and deeply distressed as once again the poll takers, media and political elites are proven wrong and Donald Trump is voted into office in what will become known as the Second Greatest Comeback in modern American politics.
The first was his election in 2016.

Germans, looking aghast at America, and locked down for a second time by a government seen as increasingly out of touch, will further question the sagacity and effectiveness of their own institutions. And in the months ahead that will have consequences for Chancellor Merkel.

First, Trump’s victory will be resounding in relationship to the media echoed inevitability of a Biden win just weeks ago.
Here are six salients that presage the Red Wave:

1.) The massive crowds that have greeted the president everywhere he’s rallied in the week before Nov. 3rd
2.) His turnaround of the economy, despite pandemic lockdowns, with a whopping 33.1 percent increase in GDP in the third quarter.
3.) His promise not to lock down the nation or impose a mask mandate, and in the process ruin the small and medium-size businesses that power America.
4.) The Democrats failure to craft a compelling narrative other than the anti-Trump fear-mongering of the last four years
5.) The memory of the violent riots that have gutted the urban cores of Democrat-led cities
6.) The massive pre-election exodus of businesses and high-productivity individuals from New York, California, and Illinois to Texas, Arizona, and Florida.

Troops Have Been Deployed in Major Cities

In the weeks before Nov.3rd, major American cities emptied and boarded up. Even the Washington D.C media personalities who’ve contributed to the current climate of fear are aghast at the hollowed out cities they have helped create. America’s Democratic-led cities are tinder boxes, and about to explode.

Troops are now deploying to prevent the worst.

The rioting America has seen so far will pale in comparison to what the world can expect to see in the next few hours. I hope I am wrong. But the unmet expectations of an easy Democratic victory will inevitably lead to bitterness and rage among Democrats unwilling to tolerate
another Trump administration. Thousands of activists have been drilling for months. Federal and state bureaucrats have been organising to prevent Trump’s policies from being enacted. Hilary Clinton and other top Democrats have already poisoned the well saying any Trump victory should not be accepted. They can be expected to act in concert to make sure he does not take office.

By doing so, they will sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.

Trump Will Authorize the 1807 Insurrection Act

When the Georg Floyd Riots kicked off what would morph into a pandemic blind orgy of violence, arson and looting, President Trump had threatened to quell the unrest under the Insurrection Act of 1807. He didn’t use it in the end. But a few days ago Trump is reported to have told his trusted friend and media star, Judge Jenine Pirro that should the violence spark up again, he will quickly use its provisions to send in federal troops to quash the unrest. (Go to TC 23:43)

Troops whose trustworthiness to do so are already well prepared.

And the President can call on a recent precedent that had slim support at the time, but enough to make it viable, during the Civil Rights Era in the ’60s. Average Americans are already sickened to the core by the urban unrest from which some cities may never fully recover. With no desire to see that list grown longer, they would welcome federal troops.

On Election Day, Germany Calls for Politicians to Accept the Vote

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has called on American politicians to accept the outcome of the vote. Is he talking to Hilary Clinton and Kamala Harris? Or is he talking to Donald Trump, who’s also indicated he has his particular concerns about the vote? I can’t recall this kind of statement ever being made by a cabinet-level German politician on the very day Americans vote.
The Germans are unsettled. But it is their own doing.
One infamous poll shows 85 % of Germans have a negative view of the US and see China, yes re-education camp, Hong Kong smashing China, as a better partner.

German politicians of every stripe have been harbouring this mistrust for the last four years, forgetting, it seems, 70 years of American help undo Stalin’s blockade and end France’s non to reunification. It is one of the most overlooked and underreported examples of collective ingratitude in the annals of international friendship.
Germany can mend this rupture if it takes the following to heart:

America is in for a period of unrest and redefinition not seen since 1861. It will go far deeper than the Cultural Revolution of 1968. It could last months. Or years. And it will be a different America that emerges, one chastened, but strengthened and convinced of its unique destiny to lead the world in the struggle for our inalienable freedoms and for equality for all.
Rest assured, tomorrow’s America will remember as friends those who stand by her in the coming hours of uncertainty, in the trial from which the Republic will emerge stronger than ever.

For the failure of the American Republic to renew itself, or for it to disappear from the list of the free nations of the world, is a thought too dreadful in its impact and consequences to contemplate for people of good will everywhere.

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